New Life Covenant Church


The Great Commission...Matt. 28:18-20


  • To carry Christ’s message into the world; extending His Kingdom through sharing God’s love & forgiveness while manifesting God’s power and presence. 
  • To provide both missional and relational evangelism opportunity’s for our church.


  • For people to come to know Christ. 
  • For people to be transformed and renewed by Christ’s love. 
  • To be a Missional church.


  • Local & Regional: That we strive to reach out to our community with the Gospel through serving, events, training, teaching, and giving. 
  • National & International: That we partner with our Northwest Conference (NWC), the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), and denominational partners to maximize our effectiveness.

Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC)
“Covenant World Mission facilitates intercultural ministries around the world, and partners with churches and international believers to glorify God’s name by bringing the whole gospel to the whole world.” 

The ECC desires to see more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world. In our mission partnerships around the world, we are committed to culturally relevant evangelism and the formation of communities of Christ followers, to spiritual formation and equipping God’s people for ministry and leadership, and to transformational ministries that demonstrate the whole gospel by seeking to address the spiritual, social, emotional, mental, physical, and justice needs of people.

​​​​​Matthew 28:19

Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

10 Ways to Pray

1. That our brothers and sisters would sense God's presence   

2. That they would know we are praying for them

3. That they would experience God's comfort                                              

4. That they would see God open doors for evangelism

5. That they would have boldness to share the Gospel         

6. That they mature in their Faith 

7. That they be granted wisdom in covert ministry work                                   

8. That they remain joyful amidst suffering

9. That they forgive and love their persecutors                                                 

10. That they be rooted in God's word       


Randy & Cheryl Bevis: Special assignment                         Steven & Barbara Swanson: Serving in Sweden

Karl & Susan Peterson: Serving in Mexico                           Julio & Katie Isaza: Serving in Colombia

​​Steve & Rosemary Forsyth:Serving in Central Aisa/Western China  

Peter & Anna Kim: Serving East Asia in an Unsecured Location

Our Local Mission Outreach

Duluth Harbor Mission/Millie's House

* On the Front lines of Homelessness & Addiction

MN Adult & Teen Challenge

* Restoring hope to those struggling with drug & alcohol addiction

Union Gospel Mission

* Supplying food, hygiene, clothing and etc. to people in need

Women's Care Center

* Saving babies & moms; Hundreds & Hundreds of them... One at Time!!

South Ridge Needy Families at Christmas

* Connecting through South Ridge school to help needy families in our Community

Covenant Park Bible Camp

* A place where friend meets friend & both meet God

Second Harvest & Northern Lakes Food Bank

* Feeding the Hungry of NE Minnesota & NW Wisconsin