​​​Our Vision:
To be a healthy missional church that reflects our context; where people are coming to personal faith in Jesus, where we listen and respond to God’s Spirit leading us, where people are growing in faith, worshipping with passion, and using their gifts towards the expansion of God’s Kingdom.

Our Mission:

  • Connect: We believe lost people matter to God.  Connecting the unconnected to our Savior Jesus Christ is the central focus of what God has called us to do. 
  • Grow: We understand New Birth as a beginning and not an end.  As Christ followers our mission is to pursue Spiritual transformation over a life time.  
  • Become: We are not simply individuals consuming religious goods.  Our mission is to become a community that reflects God’s priorities in the world.  

We Value Being:

  • Biblical: supremacy of scripture
  • Devotional: the principle of spiritual life or living faith
  • Missional: mission mindedness
  • Relational: the fellowship of believers, “I am a companion of all those who fear thee.”

Our Denomination:
We are affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church: www.covchurch.org​

​We are a part of the Northwest Conference: northwestconference.org 

New Life Covenant Church

​What We Believe


Our History:
New Life Covenant Church was established in 1957 in Twig, Minnesota (15 miles outside of Duluth). It was an old one-room school house that added indoor plumbing in the mid-70's and a sanctuary in the 80's.  Through much of it's history it consisted of part-time and/or shared pastors and was a preaching point in a rural setting.  In the 90's it almost had to close its doors if not for a few of the faithful that were committed to this ministry.  Through many steps of faith, each involving risk, New Life now has a full-time pastor and active ministries throughout the week.  

That facility however, had become hinderance to ministry.  As a church family seeking to bring Jesus Christ to a lost and hurting world, we found ourselves at another defining moment.  New opportunities were staring us in the face.  New opportunities for ministries that had been put on hold that will finally be developed, to invite the community in, to provide accessible space for our seniors, to hold weddings and funerals in our own building, and for children to experience God. 

Since 2006 New Life has gone through a thoughtful process of exploring God's leading to build a new church.  Five acres were donated, established a Building Committee, purchased an addition 2.7 acres adjoining the new land, introduced a Mission Statement: Connect Grow & Become, 3 months of weekly input sessions, created a Capital Campaign Committee, took a church assessment, and finally in May 2013 launched into a three-year Capital Campaign called the Wave.  

The Wave Campaign invites us to take new opportunities to make Waves.  Waves have this unwavering persistent faithful quality to them.  Although water is by nature pliable, over time it has the power to cut through stone, transform landscapes, and sustain life.  Ultimately we see the opportunity to share “Living Water” with our community and the world.  To share the story of Jesus who has the power to turn hearts from stone to flesh, the power to transform the landscape of our lives and community.  To share the source of our life with others.

On May 31, 2015 we officially moved across the street to our new building!  Many have faithfully given their time, talents and resources to make this reality.